Baroque ComposersThursday, December 13th, 2018
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Baroque Composers

Biographies, Music and More!
Have you ever wanted to learn about Baroque Composers or publish your own article about a composer, find out where and when a work was written and how, when and by whom it was performed?
Baroque Composers is a collaborative project featuring the work of a number of researchers and performers. Over time we hope to add our own and invite you to contribute to composer biographies, articles and discussions.
The format is simple and time-consuming! We try to enseure that as many composers as possible have biographies if they are listed with our parent group Cantata Editions. Our listings and editions contain the following composers at present:
Girolamo Abos, Filippo Amadei (Pippo del violoncello), Carlo Arrigoni, John Bartlet(t), Diogenio Bigaglia, Giovanni Bononcini, Antonio Maria Bononcini, Giulio Caccini, Thomas Campion, Tommaso Carapella, Giacomo Carissimi, Carlo Francesco Cesarini, Giovanni Paolo Colonna, Barone Emanuele d'Astorga, Sigismondo d'India, M. de la Barre, John Dowland, Francesco Durante, Michelangelo Faggioli, Nicola Fago, Bernardo Gaffi, Francesco Gasparini, Geminiano Giacomelli, George Frederick Handel, Johann Adolph Hasse, Bach Johann Sebastian, Robert Johnson, Niccolo Jommelli, Leonardo Leo, Antonio Lotti, Francesco Mancini, Benedetto Marcello, Alessandro Melani, Thomas Morley, Johann Christoph Pepusch, Giov. Batt. Pergolesi, Francesco Antonio Pistocchi, Nicola Antonio Porpora, Giuseppe Porsile, Henry Purcell, Benedetto Riccio, Phillip Rossetter, Giovanni Felice Sances, Claudio Saracini, Domenico Natale Sarri, Alessandro Scarlatti, Sgr Scarlatti, Domenico Scarlatti, Agostino Steffani, Leonardo Vinci, Antonio Vivaldi, and there are more being added all the time!

Each composer is represented at Cantata Editions through new editions and transcriptions of their works, many of which have not been published. Follow this link to access biographies, music & more!

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